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About us

Streetwise Opera is an award-winning performing arts charity for people who are or have been homeless. We run creative programmes in five regions across England and stage critically-acclaimed operas. Our work improves wellbeing and increases social inclusion.

Our workshop programme offers a dependable source of creative activity in lives where everything else can be changing. Our productions and events platform the skills of our performers in a professional arena, showing that whatever life throws at them, they can achieve great things.

Involvement with Streetwise Opera can be the first rung on a ladder of self-confidence. By developing new skills, meeting people, being creative and simply having fun, people feel better about themselves and feel more able to take on life's other challenges - such as engaging with services, living independently, getting involved with community life and securing employment.

As one performer says: ‘Streetwise Opera has shown me that if I can achieve this, surely I can take on anything else.’

We are a registered charity and rely on the support of many generous individuals, institutions and companies to continue our pioneering work. By taking part in a challenge event, you are helping us make a difference to the lives of hundreds of people.

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